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Several doctors face drug crime charges

A drug bust on Staten Island has resulted in ten arrests, among them five doctors, three medical assistants and a pharmacist, according to state police. New York authorities conducted a sting operation after an investigation led them to believe that pain medication was being illegally prescribed by these individuals. All of those arrested now face serious drug crime charges and each could face jail time if found guilty. 

Police chief in New York faces drug possession charges

The chief of police in Kenmore is facing serious charges that could jeopardize his position in law enforcement, according to a recent report. The chief of the western New York village has been charged with drug possession after authorities suspected him of stealing from the drop box in the police station. If he is found guilty, he could face a $100,000 fine and up to a year in prison. 

New York man faces drug crime charges

A man in Avoca was arrested by state troopers after allegedly trying to hide drugs during a traffic stop. The New York State Police in Avoca apparently stopped the Rochester man on Sept. 26, leading to the drug crime accusations. He was arraigned in a village court and now awaits trial in a county lockup against $25,000 bail or a $50,000 property bond.

5 face drug crime charges in New York

Five people have been arrested in connection with a drug raid in Poughkeepsie, according to law enforcement. New York police have confirmed that all five are facing drug crime charges after a raid was conducted in Dutchess County. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration was involved in the investigation as well as local and state authorities. There is no word as to a court date for any of the accused at this time. 

Man arrested in New York drug crime crackdown

An out-of-state man has been detained by state police after an anti-drunk driving initiative over the weekend of Sept. 7. New York police say they arrested the 27-year-old on suspicion of drunk driving, but drug crime charges have since been added to the case. It is unclear whether the man remains in police custody at this time, or whether he has retained criminal defense counsel.

Drug crime charges filed against man in New York

A man in Westbrook is facing serious charges following an incident with police recently, according to local news sources. The New York man has been charged with a drug crime after it was suggested he was involved in trafficking narcotics. He is being held in a local jail ahead of a trial appearance, which has yet to be confirmed by authorities. 

3 arrested in New York on suspicion of drug crime

Three people were arrested by police in Salamanca on the evening of Aug. 30, following an investigation by several local law enforcement agencies. New York officials in Salamanca and Cattaraugus, along with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force, conducted the operation that resulted in the arrests. A 27-year-old woman and two men, aged 31 and 23, all face drug crime charges.

Drug trafficking investigation leads to 16 arrests

When the drug trade is normally prolific in a New York resort area, business typically picks up during summer months when visitors and tourists come. Out for a good time, vacationers may seek entertainment and thrills beyond beaches and fishing. Residents of these areas become frustrated with the upturn in trafficking and the crime that typically follows it. Recently, a popular destination became the scene of police action that broke up an alleged drug ring.

Billionaire faces drug trafficking charges

The head of a prominent tech company and a former heir to the Wells Fargo fortune are facing serious charges after allegedly being caught with drugs. New York residents may be familiar with Henry T. Nicholas III, who is the owner and CEO of Broadcom Corporation. Together with Ashley Fargo, ex-wife of Brian Fargo of Wells Fargo fame, the billionaire faces drug trafficking charges. Nicholas has retained criminal defense representation, though it is unclear if Fargo has done the same. 

NASCAR CEO faces drug crime charges

The head of a popular sports organization is facing serious charges after a routine traffic stop, according to local sources. NASCAR CEO Brian France is facing drug crime and DUI charges after being stopped by New York police on Aug. 5. If he is found guilty, he could face jail time, fines, and possibly the loss of his position in the NASCAR hierarchy.

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    Pedro from Nassau County “I was arrested and charged with being the getaway driver during a knife point robbery. The police stopped my car a block away from the robbery with my co-defendant in the car with me. The victim identified my co-defendant to the police within 5 minutes of the robbery... - GREAT JOB MR. DiDIO!”

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