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When The Police Find Your Gun

If you are caught with a gun you are not supposed to have in New York, you could be facing serious penalties. If you find yourself in this situation, you will want a strong lawyer by your side who can investigate this case and protect your constitutional rights.

At Robert D. DiDio & Associates, we have a complete understanding of Queens and New York state laws regarding gun possession. We understand how much is at stake when you are facing these charges and will do all we can to defend your individual liberties. We have handled hundreds of weapons cases; you can review our client testimonials in the news pages.

Understanding Your Rights Regarding Illegal Gun Possession

In New York, most of the weapons crimes cases we work on involve people who were unable to possess a gun legally, either because they did not pass a background check, or because they had a prior conviction on their record. Our goal in these cases is to make sure the police followed legal procedure. We will examine:

  • Whether you had an expectation of privacy
  • If the warrant was valid
  • What exactly is in the warrant
  • The reason the police stopped you or your vehicle for a search

We will work hard to build a strong criminal defense. We will carefully examine each step of the police procedure and make sure whether the car stop or another stop was legal. Our work has exposed police misconduct, and we have gotten charges dropped. Gun crimes are serious, and we will work to defend your constitutional rights.

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