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Illegal Traffic Stops And Vehicle Searches

In New York, law enforcement officers cannot stop a vehicle without reasonable cause to believe a motorist has committed a traffic violation or probable cause to believe the motorist has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime. Far too often, the police stop cars and seize drivers with little or no reason, and then perform illegal searches to discover evidence of a crime otherwise undetectable.

At Robert D. DiDio & Associates, we refuse to let prosecutors and police trample on the rights of our clients. We are aggressive, and we are confident, and we fight to protect the best interests of each and every client.

To speak with a lawyer about your rights after an illegal stop, call our Queens office at 917-300-0984.

Protecting Client Rights After Illegal Traffic Stops Or Vehicle Searches

Whether our clients face state or federal charges, we thoroughly investigate the actions of law enforcement officers to determine why they believed it was appropriate to make a traffic stop. We frequently work with clients victimized by racial profiling or the use of random and excessive authority, and we handle cases involving the illegal recovery of drugs, guns or both.

We work closely with our clients throughout the criminal process, preparing and filing all necessary documents, and representing the client in all hearings or proceedings. If a client’s rights have been violated, we will tirelessly explore every avenue of relief to either have the evidence ruled inadmissible or obtain a dismissal of the charges. Please review our client testimonials and in the news pages regarding the successful outcomes the law office of Robert D. DiDio & Associates has obtained for clients charged with the possession of weapons or narcotics.

We also handle all matters related to criminal appeals.

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