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Aggressive Legal Defense Against Drug Trafficking Charges

If you are caught selling drugs, you could be facing charges more serious than simple possession. The state of New York takes drug crimes very seriously, so it is important that you have a lawyer by your side who understands the laws and can provide the strong defense you deserve. At Robert D. DiDio & Associates, we know how serious these charges are. You can count on us for a strong defense.

Understanding New York Drug Trafficking Laws

Drug sale, trafficking, distribution and similar charges affect people who are in possession of illegal drugs with the intent to sell them. The punishment for drug trafficking depends on the type of drug involved, the amount of drug and previous charges. The drug charge penalties In New York are:

  • Up to five years for 50 kg. of marijuana
  • Five to 50 years in prison for 100 grams of heroin or 500 grams of cocaine
  • 10 years to life in prison for 1,000 kg. of marijuana, 5 kg. of cocaine or 1 kg. of heroin

The sentences for these crimes will be enhanced if guns are involved or if you are thought to be the ringleader of the operation. Our goal is to challenge the police work to make sure your civil rights were not violated. We will check to see if the warrants were legal, if any wire taps were legal or if there was intent to sell. We will defend your constitutional rights in and out of court.

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