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Criminal Law Overview

At Robert D. DiDio & Associates, we have been defending individuals against criminal charges since 1988. During this time, we have successfully defended countless numbers of clients charged with illegally possessing or using unlicensed firearms. We have also fought for and protected individuals charged with various licensing violations.

Convictions for illegal weapons possession carry very serious consequences and often include mandatory prison sentences. Our law firm zealously defends these cases, identifying winning suppression issues and mitigating circumstances.

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We Work On A Variety Of Criminal Cases

At Robert D. DiDio & Associates, we provide counsel to persons charged with felonies, misdemeanors and violations in state, federal and administrative courts throughout New York. Offenses we deal with most frequently include the following:

  • Weapons and gun crimes
  • Drug offenses such as possession, sale or trafficking, manufacturing or cultivation, and conspiracy
  • Robbery or burglary, from using a weapon to commit a theft to illegally entering private property to commit a crime and other theft offenses such as grand or petty larceny, shoplifting and fraud
  • Sex offenses such as rape, sexual abuse or child pornography
  • Murder and other violent crimes, including assault and battery, hate crimes and gang-related offenses
  • Airport crimes, from the use of a fake ID or license to the illegal transportation of drugs or weapons
  • DWI or drunk driving, including situations involving illegal traffic stops and matters involving the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Domestic violence charges

We also have more than 30 years of experience handling all types of criminal appeals and post-conviction motions in any court in the state of New York, as well as the federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court.

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