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Possible robbery leads to stabbing death of Brooklyn couple

Police are looking for a suspect in connection with a recent Brooklyn double murder. New York police believe the murders are connected to the possible robbery of the dead couple's home. The two had been walking home from work when they were stabbed outside their residence. Witnesses told cops they spotted a man wearing a ski mask fleeing the property. 

New York mom facing grand larceny charges

A woman with more than $1 million in her bank account is in some hot water for allegedly defrauding Medicaid. The 37-year-old Queens, New York mother has been charged with grand larceny, falsifying her business records and welfare fraud in connection with apparently getting more than $70,000 from Medicaid over a three-year period. She allegedly told Medicaid that the money her husband earned in a month -- about $1,750 -- was not enough to make ends meet for four children and two adults. She began receiving public assistance in 2012.

Suspects allegedly zip tie Bronx robbery victims

Cops are asking the public to help them identify three suspects in the recent violent robbery of a Bronx apartment. Apparently, all eight people inside the apartment were zip-tied. One male victim suffered facial injuries after allegedly being pistol whipped by one of the suspects during the New York robbery. The trio purportedly made their getaway in a luxury sedan after having stolen $5,500. The victim was taken to hospital where he was treated for his injuries and released. 

Two men charged with murder of four, robbery and other crimes

An Xbox and a TV may have been the motives behind the murders of four people recently. Two men, both from Schenectady, ages 24 and 38, have been taken into custody and charged with murder, burglary, possession of stolen property and robbery in connection with the brutal killings of a family of four in the area of Troy, New York. Apparently, one of the accused was friends with one of the victims, according to a family member of one of the deceased.

Grand larceny: Docs arrested for alleged illegal surgeries

Two doctors are facing charges in connection with operating on more than 60 people at a Upper East Side Manhattan clinic and allegedly disfiguring a patient. The New York plastic surgeons are facing charges of grand larceny and first-degree assault, among others. One of the men lost his plastic surgery license in 2007 for misconduct, including incompetence, gross negligence and being morally unfit.

New York woman charged with robbery while baby sleeps in car

A Long Island woman is accused of robbing a bank while her 10-month-old baby boy snoozed in the get-away car. The 20-year-old New York resident was arrested and charged with third-degree robbery and endangering a child's welfare during a recent early-morning bank holdup, according to Suffolk County Police. They say she left her baby in the car while she handed a note to a teller demanding cash.

New York robbery victim chases suspects with Nunchucks

Police are looking for some well-dressed robbers who left a man in critical condition and his son with injuries. The mid-morning robbery in Queens occurred at the victim's store. Neighbors, many of whom went outside after hearing a big bang, saw the New York wholesale business owner with a gun shot to his head.

2 New York men facing merry-go-round robbery charges

A one-time carousel worker was arrested recently for robbing his former employer. The 21-year-old New York resident was charged with robbery for allegedly stealing $3,000 from his carousel operator job. He was wearing a mask and carrying a toy gun. The brother of the accused was apparently involved as a lookout.

Woman faces grand larceny charge after shopping spree

Many companies in New York and elsewhere around the country issue corporate or business credit cards for their employees' use. They are convenient to use for office supplies, meals or other expenses the business may incur. However, a corporate card should not generally be used for personal expenses. An office manager has recently been arrested for grand larceny after charging several items.

What is larceny?

Have you been accused of larceny in New York or know someone who has? Do you know what this really means? It is not a term that many people use on a regular basis so it is understandable for defendants to be unclear about what they are being charged with when arrested for some type of larceny.

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