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Drug charges in an airport

| Oct 14, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Whether you are traveling for business purposes, to visit loved ones or to see a different part of the country (or world), airports are often tough for a host of reasons. Aside from stress and even safety concerns, some people encounter problems due to airport security. For example, some people face drug charges as a result of having an unlawful substance without realizing it, while others face serious charges because they were trafficking drugs.

Sometimes, people are falsely accused of possessing drugs, whether a substance is planted in their bag or a law enforcement official wrongly believes that a particular substance is an illegal drug. It is pivotal for those facing drug charges to firmly stand up for their rights.

The consequences of drug charges

According to the Connecticut General Assembly, those facing charges related to the possession of a controlled substance could spend one year behind bars and face $1,000 in fines. In other instances, drug charges involving trafficking can result in up to 20 years behind bars and significant financial penalties. Aside from a shattered reputation, these charges can destroy careers and affect entire families.

The impact of an airport arrest

For people taken into custody at an airport, the incident is often very overwhelming. Aside from high levels of stress and uncertainty, some people do not know how to react in such a situation and they do not safeguard their rights. If you were taken into custody over an unlawful substance or any other offense, it is crucial to understand your options and do everything in your power to protect your future.


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