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Moving ahead in life after a criminal conviction

| Sep 29, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Experiencing a criminal arrest and conviction may create a high degree of stress for a defendant.

This stress may well last even after a person has paid any fines, spent time in jail or completed any other element of a penalty associated with the event because of the long-term impact a criminal record may have on his or her life.

Pre-employment background checks

As explained by Glassdoor, many companies make background checks a routine part of the hiring process today. For a person with a criminal record, this may cause concern about the ability to get a job and move forward in a positive manner. People in this situation may do well to proactively tell a potential employer about a criminal mark prior to allowing it to be discovered via the background check. When discussing these events, job candidates should focus on how they have changed their lives have changed for the better so the employer feels confident in working with them going forward.

Pre-lease or pre-rental background checks

Like employers, residential landlords commonly conduct background checks prior to approving a rental or lease of a home, condo or apartment. The Federal Trade Commission indicates that if a landlord denies a rental application, the prospective tenant should be provided a reason for the denial. A denial based on a criminal background check may be illegal and may even be a form of discrimination depending on the circumstances.

Preparation for a background check

Before applying for a job or an apartment, people may find it useful to review their own credit report and other background check data to know what a potential employer or landlord may see.


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