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Homeless man accused of Manhattan ‘A’ train derailment

| Sep 21, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

High-profile criminal cases in New York tend to place a lot of pressure on local law enforcement authorities to reach a resolution. The trouble with such a situation is two-fold: it may prompt officials to rush to judgment in their investigation of the matter, and it may lead to rash decisions regarding the prosecution of whoever ends up accused of it.

It is perfectly understandable for law enforcement officials to want to resolve a criminal case quickly (regardless of its circumstance), yet external factors should not influence their work on it. When an arrest happens in such a case, it is also important to remember that the person subject to it still has rights due to them under the law.

Arrest made following train derailment

Local transit authorities recently experienced their own high-profile incident when an ‘A’ train carrying 135 people derailed in Manhattan. Despite the train itself suffering extensive damage, thankfully only a handful of people sustained minor injuries in the derailment.

According to CBS New York, officials did not have to search far for a suspect. Witnesses say they spotted a man placing a metal object on the tracks shortly before the train passed by. They restrained him and awaited the arrival of law enforcement authorities, who subsequently took him into custody. Reports state that he is a homeless man believed to suffer from mental issues who has had run-ins with police in the past.

Ensuring fair treatment following an arrest

Yet no matter one’s past or the publicity associated with whatever incident they stand accused of an involvement in, their rights deserve protection and the legal system owes them due process. Having experienced legal representation in their corner may help ensure the delivery on these expectations.


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