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You deserve a defense lawyer who cares

| Aug 3, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

You have rights. They are there to help you when police officers accuse you of a crime. However, even if you know your rights, there is no guarantee that you get the support you need to protect them. 

Unfortunately, civil rights and criminal law are complex. It is often easier for a criminal defense lawyer to take a bad deal from the prosecuting attorney than it is to truly investigate and negotiate. 

Short- or long-term costs

In terms of time and effort, taking an early deal from the prosecution represents less cost in the short term. You might not have to go back to the scene of your arrest to take photos and measurements. You might not have to spend months of negotiations with the prosecuting attorneys. 

Investigations might take weeks. Negotiations might take longer. When you are facing a sentence of 20 years to life, that amount of time investment starts to make sense. If your criminal defense attorney truly has your best interests at heart, then he or she should realize this. 

Short- and long-term defense

Arresting officers might have ignored or abused your rights out on the street. Your previous attorney may not have put in the work to defend them in court, or in negotiations. 

Unfortunately, your civil rights are all that stand between you and an unjust sentence. At our law office, protecting them is our most important job. 

We investigate, revealing lies, mistakes and misconduct. We negotiate, never abandoning your rights. We appeal, if necessary, to recover your freedom from the bias of juries and the lax legal work of your previous counsel. 

Not all defense attorneys care about your rights. You and your family deserve someone who does. 


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