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What are the different types of homicide?

| Jun 29, 2020 | Murder And Violent Crimes |

Homicide occurs in every state and under many different circumstances. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that in 2018, Florida, Texas and California had the highest number of murders while Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine had the fewest incidents. Population and socioeconomic factors may play a role in these numbers, as murders are more likely to take place in areas where these elements are extremely uneven. 

Homicide is a grave charge; however, there are different degrees of this crime that may affect how you are charged and what kind of punishment you might face. 

Justifiable Homicide  

This charge usually involves a death that results from an act of self-defense on your part. Some circumstances might include defending yourself or your family from a home invasion or other type of robbery or if you are attacked with a deadly weapon after an argument escalates into a physical altercation. Depending on the nature of the individual’s death, you may face a lesser civil charge, such as a fine. 


You may face manslaughter charges when someone dies as a result of your actions but you did not intend to cause the death. For example, if you decided to drive yourself home after a party where you had a few drinks and this causes a deadly accident, you could find yourself charged with manslaughter. 

First-Degree Murder  

This charge is usually seen as the most serious in a homicide case, as the event is planned and intentional. First-degree murder is often related to gang violence, drug cartel activity and some incidents of domestic violence 

Homicides in America are more common in the lower portion of the country. The type of charge you face may depend on your relationship with the deceased and how he or she died. 


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