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Job searching after prison or jail

| Jun 19, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Getting a job dramatically helps people recently released from prison or jail. It gives them an income on which they may support themselves and their families and offers them the chance to feel productive and positive about their future. 

Approaching a job search after incarceration benefits from some planning to help people position themselves well for the job they deserve. 

Identifying potential jobs 

Some people may want to return to a line of work they engaged in prior to going to jail or prison. Other people might choose to find a new line of work. In the latter situation, job seekers should think about what interests them personally and how they may leverage an interest into a job. For example, CareerOneStop indicates that someone who really enjoys interacting with and helping others might consider a job in sales. 

People may have held jobs in prison or jail that provide them with some skills that allow them to qualify for certain jobs. Jobs that may connect to the offense for which a person was incarcerated might not be the best options. For example, a person who was jailed for a drunk driving offense might want to avoid applying for a job as a bus driver. 

Sharing information with potential employers 

Most employers today conduct pre-employment background checks prior to finalizing a new hire. Before the background check, it may help to disclose a criminal record to the employer. Glassdoor recommends providing a minimum of details and focusing on what the person learned from the experience. The goal of providing information should be reassuring the employer that the candidate can be trusted. 


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