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Supreme Court avoids ruling on New York gun law case

| Apr 28, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

A New York gun law case went to the Supreme Court, but the higher court failed to rule on the issue. The law in question changed between the original hearing in December and the justices review in April.

The state law blocked gun owners from traveling with their licensed handguns except to authorized locations.

Regulation supporter victory

By failing to make any ruling on the case, gun regulation supporters achieved a victory in the courts. The state managed to have the justices dismiss the case after slightly altering the law to allow gun owners to transport their firearm to shooting ranges and second homes. The change undermined the plaintiff’s appeal that the law was too restrictive and prevented these types of transport.

Dismissing the case kept the Supreme Court from deciding whether or not the law violated Second Amendment rights for citizens. Those challenging the law may still fight for further changes in the future despite having some of their requests granted without the highest court’s intervention.

Illegal firearm use

The initial law was one of the strictest bans on Second Amendment rights in the nation. Attending a shooting competition or target practice at somewhere other than a shooting club authorized by the city was illegal. Even with the changes, gun owners are severely limited to where they can transport their firearms for use.

Gun crimes include licensing violations and illegally possessing or using a firearm which can result in criminal charges from a misdemeanor to a felony. With the constant changes in the law, gun owners may not even realize they broke the law.


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