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Do you have the right to a criminal appeal?

| Apr 9, 2020 | Criminal Appeals |

When you think about criminal appeals, you probably imagine how important they are in protecting your rights. In a criminal justice system, everyone convicted of a crime has the possibility of an appellate review of their case. That’s the only way to ensure oversight of the trial courts and keep things fair.

But what about your case?

A criminal appeal is, at its heart, an argument that part of your case was handled incorrectly — and that you’ve suffered as a result. Not every defendant ultimately tries to move forward with an appeal, and it’s something that is usually decided in consultation with an experienced appellate attorney.

What is the purpose of a criminal appeal in a court system?

A criminal appeal has many purposes, but it is part of the court system’s structure for a reason. It’s there to make sure that there is a uniform administration of the law in lower courts. When an appeal goes to the appellate court, that court can decide if any errors were made. If so, then decisions can be vacated or new trials can be ordered.

Defendants like yourself are meant to have the right to appeal as a way of guaranteeing you a fair trial. There are times when appeals are not allowed, though they are few and far between. If you are concerned about the potential for not being able to appeal your conviction, then that is something to discuss with your attorney. In most cases, an appeal is something you can pursue if you feel that errors were made that affected the outcome of your case.


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