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You can commit a weapons crime without knowing it

| Mar 4, 2020 | Weapons Crimes |

Even if you take great pride in understanding the law as it pertains to weapons and your ability to own them, it doesn’t mean you’ll never make a mistake. And if you go down the wrong path at the wrong time, it could result in your arrest and serious criminal charges.

It’s possible to commit a weapons crime without realizing it, with these among the most common types:

  • Illegal use of a firearm
  • Sale of illegal weapons to a third party
  • Illegal possession in your home or vehicle
  • Illegal use of a weapon against another individual
  • Licensing violations

Take, for example, if you have a license to carry a hand gun. You’ve taken all the steps required by law to purchase the firearm and carry it in a safe and legal manner.

But then you make a mistake by forgetting to remove it from your carry-on bag before going through airport security. At that point, you’re put under arrest, and the airport is on high alert. You didn’t’ intend to violate the law, but instead, you made a serious mistake that can alter the rest of your life.

If you’re charged with any type of weapons crime, such as one or more from the above list, learn more about the charges, potential consequences and legal rights.

You’re now in a position where you have to defend yourself, such as by proving that you made an honest mistake and had no intention of violating the law or causing harm to another person or property. With a variety of defense strategies to consider, keep an open mind as you review your options.


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