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Quinnen Willilams case shows the dangers of traveling with guns

| Mar 10, 2020 | Uncategorized |

New York City has strict gun laws, which could be helpful in some ways and hurt in others. Recently, an NFL player, the New York Jets defensive lineman Quinnen Williams, ran afoul of that gun control legislation. He was arrested at La Guardia Airport for possessing a gun.

The gun was not loaded, and it’s believed that the most likely outcome will be for the man to take a plea bargain and avoid a felony conviction. There are other possible penalties even if that happens, though, including possible jail time and fines.

The story is interesting, because he will go to court despite having a licensed weapon. He wasn’t even trying to sneak that weapon into the city. Instead, he was at the checkout counter where he let the agent know that he had his unloaded Glock 19 in his bag.

Once the TSA was notified, it was quickly discovered that the man did not have a license for the weapon in New York (Alabama’s license didn’t help) and he was arrested. It’s true that he should have had a license for the weapon both in Alabama and New York to be able to take it back and forth legally. It’s not surprising when people aren’t able to get a license for a gun in New York, though, because they are nearly impossible to obtain.

New York’s gun laws are strict, because the city does its best to crack down on crime and to prevent shootings. Unfortunately, the reality is that doing this hasn’t prevented people from having weapons, and it’s more often that they have them without licensing and registration.

What should you do if you’re caught with a gun in New York?

Whether you have a weapon illegally or have a legally owned weapon that you’ve brought into the state, you need to know that there are serious repercussions for violating New York’s gun laws.

It’s important for you to understand what you’ve done wrong and the potential penalties that could be levied against you. You may face time in prison, fines or other harsh penalties, even if this is a first offense or an offense that has occurred because of a misunderstanding of the law.

Your attorney can work to protect your rights in this case, but it’s always best to know the laws where you’re traveling, so you have the opportunity to prevent trouble, like an arrest.


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