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Theft is sometimes a result of necessity

| Jan 2, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Sometimes, stealing is what people have to do to make ends meet. There may be little else they can do but turn to theft to put food on the table. It’s a hard reality, but for certain people, the truth is that their circumstances have left them little choice.

That doesn’t excuse people from doing something that isn’t appropriate, but it can be a good explanation why theft sometimes occurs. In those cases, it’s very important that the individual who has been accused of stealing or who has been arrested has a strong defense.

Sometimes, theft might be excusable due to necessity

Extreme situations could lead to theft becoming necessity. For example, someone who has been held at gunpoint and told to take an item from a store may be under duress and steal as a matter of necessity.

Similarly, a teenager who hasn’t eaten for days might take a sandwich from a local store or try to leave with an expensive item that they could sell for money for food. In their defense, the idea that stealing was necessary to obtain money for food could work well in court.

There are many different kinds of defenses that you can use during a case, depending on the reason for the theft and the circumstances surrounding it. Arguing that necessity played a role in your theft is just one additional way that your attorney may be able to help you build a defense that supports you in court.

Life isn’t always easy for people, and the courts know it. While your actions may be wrong, the reason for your actions does matter. In some instances, the case may be able to be settled outside of court, and your attorney may be able to put you into contact with others who can help you avoid having to steal to support yourself in the future.

Whether you’ve broken into someone’s home or stolen from a store, you may be facing a number of charges for your actions. It’s important that you don’t admit to the crimes or plead guilty without speaking with your attorney. Your attorney can help you understand the penalties that you could receive and how to handle your case to minimize the damage to your reputation. With the right help, you’ll have the best chances of moving forward from this situation in a positive way and getting the support you need.


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