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Guns and crime: Your gun could lead to harsher penalties

| Jan 11, 2020 | Weapons Crimes |

Weapons are a part of American culture. There are many kinds, from traditional bows and arrows to the high-powered guns you find in specialty stores. The problem with weapons is that they do have the potential to cause harm. As a result, some are banned, and others are limited in other ways.

Using a firearm during a crime is one of the quickest ways to end up facing harsh penalties. Why? Guns, specifically, increase the potential for you to be accused of threatening another person with a deadly weapon. Whereas a crime may have been treated more liberally due to no weapon being present, a weapon significantly ups the risk of facing harsher charges.

There are plenty of debates about the use of guns in America. Looking at the statistical proof gathered over the years, the reality is that 71% of those who end up with gunshot wounds did have a previous criminal record. Since the reality is that gun crimes generally happen between those involved in crime, being caught with a gun in a criminal situation could harm your defense.

While around 90% of violent crimes in the United States don’t involve guns or firearms of any type, those that do can be serious. Gunshot wounds have the potential to kill, result in infection and to lead to disfigurement. Weapons can be, and are, dangerous, especially when used during the commission of a crime.

If you are accused of a crime and also face weapons charges, it’s time to prepare yourself. Your attorney will work closely with you on a defense to help you minimize the damage to your reputation and to help reduce the penalties you face.


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