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Drug manufacturing is a serious charge

| Jan 13, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Of the drug crimes that you could be charged with, manufacturing drugs is one of the most significant. This charge accuses you of creating the very drugs that others are becoming addicted to. Since you are accused of making drugs, you could face time in prison and be treated negatively by the authorities, which is why you need legal support.

Cultivating or manufacturing drugs and getting caught is serious. The penalties might be greater than if you’re accused of simple possession, for instance. Producing drugs is usually seen as a potential felony, too, which means that you’ll be facing time in prison. Usually, convictions come with fines, probation and prison time, all of which you’re likely to want to avoid.

What does it take to convict someone of drug manufacturing?

You can be convicted of drug manufacturing if the prosecution is able to show that you:

  • Have the ingredients needed to make the drug
  • Possess illegal drugs
  • Had an intent to manufacture illegal drugs

Even if you have the tools that are needed to make the drugs, like if you have a container of pseudoephedrine, that isn’t enough to lead to a contraband charge. However, if you have a Bunsen burner, chemistry set or other elements of a laboratory with the drug, then you could find yourself in trouble for having what you need to manufacture drugs.

What if you are someone who is legally able to use these drugs for work?

In some cases, pharmacists and researchers may actually need to obtain and use illegal drugs in their studies. Sometimes, they’ll have industrial supplies or chemicals that would not be available to the general public and that may usually be illegal to possess. If you have a permit to have those items, it’s a good defense if you’re taken to court or arrested by the police.

Remember, drug cultivation and manufacturing is illegal under state and federal laws

Since cultivating or manufacturing drugs is illegal at the state and federal level, you could face multiple charges and penalties if you’re caught with the equipment to make drugs and with the drugs themselves. In that case, it’s important that you take steps to defend yourself, because the penalties can be harsh and lead to long-term consequences.

Anyone who is accused of drug-related crimes should focus on working with an attorney to have a strong defense built, so that they have the best opportunity to reduce the impact of this accusation in the long term.


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