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Law hopes to reduce weapons crimes with Toy Gun Exchange

| Dec 27, 2019 | Weapons Crimes |

Weapons are a serious point of contention in New York, which is why stories like this one are so interesting. According to a Dec. 19 news segment, children in New York were being encouraged to swap in their toy guns in exchange for educational presents. This interesting community buyback program aims to reduce interest in guns and the prevalence of violent toys.

Approximately 80 to 100 children ended up turning in imitation guns of various kinds to law enforcement during this Toy Gun Exchange. There were several hundred educational toys available, as well as colorful, fluffy and sports-oriented toys.

This toy exchange program was started in 2016 with the goal of helping protect youth against violence from guns. The former NYPD officer who started the program admitted that the toys they collect, such as plastic gun replicas and water pistols, can still pose real threats to safety since officers can’t always tell the difference between what is fake and what is real in an emergency.

They hope to show that guns are not toys and drive that message home. While there are some who believe gun safety starts with early exposure to firearms and firearms safety, the program has good intentions, hoping to reduce interest in gun ownership.

Real or fake, guns can pose a threat to those who possess them in an emergency. If you are charged with a weapons crime for possessing in New York, your attorney will talk to you more about what to do next. Guns are dangerous, but training and safety measures can keep you and those around you safe.


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