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Get the right attorney if you’re facing criminal charges

| Dec 10, 2019 | Uncategorized |

When you grow up around crime and violence, there is a likelihood that you will get involved at some point. That’s not to make excuses for any negative actions you take, but it’s the reality of your situation.

When you get into trouble with the law, you deserve to have someone there to defend you. Even though you may have done something wrong, you still have rights that have to be protected.

Why work with a criminal defense attorney?

Even if you did do something that was against the law, it’s in your best interests to defend yourself. There are many reasons for that. Some include the fact that:

  • Your arrest may not have been lawful
  • You deserve representation that makes sure you’re not subject to unfair bias in court
  • Attorneys are familiar with the court and people who work there, so they may know what does or does not work well as a defense
  • Your attorney will help look into the evidence that has been collected and make sure it’s present for trial. If evidence goes missing, then the case may not be able to proceed
  • Your attorney can help you understand how to dress and act in court

…and there are many other reasons as well.

On top of all this, you may want to work with an attorney who specializes in appeals or post-conviction motions. Even with the best defense, there is a chance that you will face a conviction. So, in that case, you want someone who can continue to help you once the initial case is over.

Some attorneys don’t like to do appeals (or don’t specialize in them) and have to move you to a new attorney for your appeal. You can decide what you’d prefer to do, but for many people, working with the same attorney means they can move forward with an appeal quickly, since the attorney is already familiar with the case.

When you’re choosing an attorney, you need to do your research. Find someone who is skilled in criminal defense. This is your life, and you deserve to have the best attorney working on your case. With a solid defense, your attorney can potentially reduce the penalties you face or have the entire case dismissed. If you are convicted, your attorney should be able to help you with appeals or with seeing modifications that are in your best interests following the ruling.


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