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Worried about a conviction? You may be able to appeal

| Nov 22, 2019 | Criminal Appeals |

Everything seemed to go smoothly during your criminal case. There wasn’t much evidence against you, and you felt that you had a great defense. Strangely, you were convicted. You worry that someone on the jury may have been racist, that a mistake was made or that other issues led to this outcome.

If you believe that your case was mishandled in court, then you may be interested in criminal appeals. An appeal gives you an opportunity to ask for your case to be reviewed. In some cases, an appeal can lead to your case being overturned.

If you have been convicted of a crime, then you can appeal your case. When you appeal, you’re asking a higher court to review the information collected during your case and to check it for legal errors. You’re not asking for a new trial. Instead, you’re stating that you believe that the results were reached in error.

When do you need to tell the court that you intend to appeal the decision that was made?

You need to tell the court as soon as you know that you’re going to appeal. Your appeal may take months to schedule, but you have to let the court know that you intend to appeal right away. Your attorney can give you the direct timeline and will assist you in appealing if the time comes.

Our website has more on criminal appeals and when they may be important to a case. The reality is that many cases have errors, and an appeal can help bring them to light and help you avoid significant penalties. With the right help, an appeal could help you have your case’s outcome overturned.


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