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Understand the strict restrictions on gun purchases in New York

| Nov 12, 2019 | Uncategorized |

New York City is notorious for having strict gun laws. There is a specific process for buying guns and maintaining a license.

It is harder to buy a gun in New York than in most places, but if you plan to, you will need to follow the law to the letter. Doing this can help you avoid being accused of gun crimes that could threaten your freedoms.

How old do you need to be to purchase a gun in New York City?

Within the city, you can buy a gun once you turn 21.

Are you restricted from owning a gun in New York City if you are an undocumented immigrant?

Holders of “alien registration cards” are allowed to purchase a gun once they are of age. If you are relatively new to the country, you may need to submit a good conduct certificate, which is provided by your country of origin, as well as two references who are able to certify that you are of good character.

Does New York City require a gun license?

Yes. New York City requires that you have a handgun license or a permit for a shotgun or rifle. They are separate licenses, so make sure to get both if you intend to own several types of guns. New York requires the license or permit before you buy the weapon, unlike many other states.

The licenses are fairly expensive, costing $340 for the application fee for a handgun, $90 for fingerprints and $140 for a rifle application. You need to submit two photographs, your original Social Security card, your New York State driver’s license and proof of residency.

Why does New York City have an interview when purchasing a gun?

Even more thorough is the interview process that is required. This process is designed to find out why someone wants to purchase a gun. Questions also ask if you’ve owned guns before, have been robbed or assaulted, and how you’d transport the weapon to or from a shooting range. Like in most states, there is a background check run when you’re trying to purchase a gun through a dealer.

New York City is special, because the time it takes to get a gun license is anywhere from three to six months. This delays individuals from making impulse purchases. Additionally, there are five kinds of permits, so you have to make sure you have the right one.


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