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Possession of prescription drugs can be a crime

| Nov 27, 2019 | Drug Charges |

You’ve probably seen the public service announcements on television. One family member goes to the doctor and receives a prescription for what ails them. That individual discontinues the use of the medication before they’ve finished the bottle. Another family member gets hurt, and instead of going to the doctor, decides to open up the medicine cabinet and take whatever is in there. You should know that taking a medication without it being prescribed to you is illegal.

Law enforcement agencies refer to prescription drugs as controlled substances. Most jurisdictions have laws on the books that prohibit individuals from carrying their prescription medication on them unless they’re being transported in their original bottles that have a description of the drug and who it is prescribed to on them.

Most law enforcement agents are taught to assume that anyone carrying around loose pills in their pockets, purse or the wrong bottle is doing it to make it easier for them to distribute the medication to someone else. This is why many states’ laws allow police to arrest someone and charge them with an intent to distribute offense if anyone is caught this way.

Doctors themselves also run the risk of being charged with drug-related criminal offenses. Physicians are most vulnerable to being charged with a crime if they prescribe a higher dosage than what a patient needs or more pills than they could take on their own. In instances like this, law enforcement agencies tend to conclude that doctors did this to feed a patient’s addiction or to facilitate their illicit distribution of the substance.

Individuals tend to assume that prescription drugs are safer than street ones because they’re prescribed by a physician instead of being brought from any random person out on the sidewalk. This isn’t the case, though. Prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as pills purchased on the street level. This is why law enforcement agencies here in Kew Gardens and elsewhere in New York are fast to prosecute such offenses.

An attorney can review your case and advise you of potential penalties if you’re convicted in your case. It can be helpful to receive compassionate legal counsel when you’re facing drug charges. Make sure that the attorney that you work with provides this high caliber of service.


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