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Two men charged in theft of $260,000 bag at JFK airport

| Oct 3, 2019 | Theft And Property Crimes |

Law enforcement arrested a Delta Airlines ramp worker in late September on suspicion of stealing a bag containing $260,000 from John F. Kennedy International Airport. Quincy Thorpe became a suspect immediately after he called in sick from work the following two days. The FBI later found Thorpe at his home, brought him into custody and charged the former ramp worker with grand larceny.

Authorities have since arrested Emmanuel Asuquo Okon as well on suspicion of connection in the same illegal activity. Okon received a charge of theft from an aircraft in Brooklyn Federal Court for his role.

The complaint states that Thorpe found the coveted bag while scanning and loading luggage onto Delta Flight 1225. Thorpe took the bag containing the $260,000, which belonged to an armored car company, and placed it on a luggage trailer.

He then drove away with the money to an airport parking lot in a Delta van. Okon met up with Thorpe at this point in a blue Nissan Sentra and the two vehicles left the airport parking lot. The Delta van later returned to the terminal while Thorpe checked back in at terminal security using his identification.

Authorities reported the bag of money missing once the flight that was meant to be carrying it touched down in Miami, Florida. The recovery of the stolen bag is still in process.

Evaluating the crime

The report states that Thorpe has already received the charge of grand larceny. Grand larceny carries different sentences based on the value of the property stolen. Since the bag contained $260,000, Thorpe could receive a Class C felony charge because the value of the property exceeds $50,000. He may receive a sentence of up to 15 years in prison plus fines for his crime.


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