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Defense attorney claims improper handling of Oceanside case

| Oct 6, 2019 | Murder And Violent Crimes |

When it comes to jury trials, the narrative around a case is vital. Prosecutors often try to build a specific story around how and why a crime occurred, clearly showing that the suspect is the person responsible for the consequences. Meanwhile, defense attorneys attempt to show the faults in that story or create a different theory about how a suspected crime unfolded.

Narratives are often based on eyewitness testimony and other sources that may be subjective, relying on a person’s point of view. This is why specific rules on what evidence is considered and how it is presented govern how juries hear the stories.

The defense attorney in a current homicide case has argued that prosecutors created an improper environment for an investigation of the suspected crime. The incident in question occurred after school let out at an Oceanside school when the suspect and a group of compatriots allegedly confronted another group. The suspect is accused of fatally stabbing a fellow classmate.

His lawyer argues that Nassau County investigators threatened members of the group with arrest if they did not assist in their questioning. He has promised to conduct his own probe “that’s not going to be contaminated by witnesses who come in and say what they think the police want to hear.”

People suspected of violent crimes always have the right to hear their side of a story told in court. Defendants may seek legal counsel to help prepare evidence, confront claims made by prosecutors and work with judges and attorneys on the possibility of plea deals or other reduced sentences.


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