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Nassau County man faces weapons charges over registration

| Sep 22, 2019 | Weapons Crimes |

New York is one of the most populous and diverse states in the country, which brings a lot of different preferences and viewpoints to its cities and towns. One issue which is often at the top of people’s minds is the right to bear firearms, as well as protections from the dangers that pistols, rifles and shotguns can pose.

Assault-style weapons, often used in the military, are perhaps the most contentious subjects under the laws of specific counties and towns. Many of these firearms are illegal in some or all parts of New York, although the circumstances of their purchase and use may also factor into the charges filed against their possessors.

A surgeon from Great Neck is facing charges in Westchester County related to possible possession of illegal weapons. He may also face similar charges in Nassau County. The search that led to these charges stemmed from a report in Tuckahoe Village alleging that the man was threatening his ex-wife in a bar.

The basis for the charges was related to gun registration. The man had apparently acquired the weapons legally in Florida but failed to register them in New York. His attorney stressed that he is a gun collector who made a false claim while intoxicated. Even his ex-wife has requested his release from jail, so he can help care for their daughter.

Gun owners do have a responsibility to understand the laws regarding their possessions. They also have a right to contest weapons charges in New York with legal representation. An attorney can help work with prosecutors and the court to resolve criminal charges for firearm possession.


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