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Beware! New York Police Department is upping its game in Queens

| Sep 18, 2019 | Weapons Crimes |

Late last month, the New York Police Department (NYPD) wrapped up a two-year investigation. In the end, officers arrested several alleged Queens gang members on both firearms and drug charges.

The alleged gang members that they arrested leading up to the NYPD’s Aug. 27 press release include 13 males ranging in age from 17- to 57-years-old. There were two additional suspects still at large at the time that the NYPD made their announcement of the arrests. They argue that many of the 10 illegal guns that they seized were used by the defendants to shoot rival gang members.

Among the defendants, the two oldest ones were identified as father and son. Both are accused of having sold as much as 200 grams of cocaine throughout the Queens neighborhood of Hollis.

Three of the younger defendants that were arrested as part of this of sting operation were described by police as the gang’s ringleaders. They were all indicted on attempted murder charges. Prosecutors allege that they were responsible for planning the murder of a rival gang member in May 2018.

The other defendants that are currently in custody or being sought by police face reckless endangerment, attempted assault, harassment, criminal mischief and both second- and third-degree firearm and weapons possession charges. Many of the defendants have also been charged with various drug crimes.

At their press conference, the NYPD and the Queens District Attorney’s Office both emphasized that they’re motivated to make the area safer for those residents who live here.

The law enforcement and prosecutorial agency pointed out that they believe that the best way for them to make our communities safe is by eliminating violence, guns and drugs in them. This makes those who are engaging in illegal activity vulnerable to getting caught.

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