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The sometimes slippery slope of domestic violence

| Jul 12, 2019 | Murder And Violent Crimes |

Although domestic violence was akin to a taboo subject and often shielded from public view in past generations, that is far less the case these days. Indeed, home-linked abuse is now – and has been for some years — a hot-button topic in New York and nationally, with law enforcers being typically quick to act and aggressive in their follow up when responding to a contact for help.

Family violence is immediately sensitive subject matter, cutting to the heart of intimate relationships and often involving the vulnerable demographic of children.

And its repercussions can be severe for an accused individual (most often an alleged male perpetrator, but sometimes a female as well). Jail time is often a given, with material prison terms resulting in some instances. We further note on our website at the established criminal defense law firm of Robert D. DiDio & Associates in Queens that additional downsides are common, such as these:

  • Service of a restraining order that bars an alleged offender from his home and, often, freely interacting with his children
  • Participation in court-ordered programs
  • Loss of firearms privileges, including the right to possess
  • Fines and other cost outlays

On top of that, accused parties frequently deal with formidable social condemnation and resulting isolation/exclusion. Domestic abuse allegations undeniably yield a stigma that can be impossible to overcome.

Proven defense lawyers do not judge individuals who turn to them for help in times of dire need. Their duty is to provide diligent and focused representation that fully promotes their client’s best interests and secures best-case results.

Abuse allegation can sometimes be controversial, making for a mixed bag of “facts.” Experienced defense advocates know (as we spotlight on our website) that an accuser’s accusations can sometimes be questionable. They can mask motives ranging “from a desire to punish an ex-lover or spouse to an attempt to gain an advantage in a divorce or family law proceeding.”

We welcome contacts to our firm and the opportunity to supply accused offenders with the strong defense acumen they need when facing criminal charges.


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