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New York man faces drug and gun crime charges

| Nov 5, 2018 | Weapons Crimes |

A man in the Bronx is facing serious charges after state troopers pulled him over on Oct. 27. The New York man is facing both drug and gun crime accusations, which could lead to fines and jail time. He was scheduled to appear for his first court date during the week of Nov. 4. 

According to the New York State Police report, the 55-year-old man was pulled over in Pleasant Valley after allegedly committing a traffic violation. Police determined the man was driving with a suspended license and initiated a further search. It is unclear what that search entailed, or whether the man’s rights were observed during this investigation. 

Police say they found a semi-automatic handgun with two full magazines that they claim he possessed illegally. They also say they found an indeterminate amount of what they believe to be cocaine, as well as some 40 grams of marijuana. The man now faces charges for criminal possession of marijuana and a controlled substance, criminal possession of a weapon and aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle. He was remanded to a county jail against $50,000 bond or $25,000 cash bail. 

The charges, both drug and gun crime related, could have considerable consequences if the man is found guilty. However, New York prosecutors carry the burden of proof in this and all cases: to provide evidence beyond a reasonable doubt of the man’s alleged crimes. His criminal defense representation is tasked with building a strong case in his behalf, by carefully reviewing the facts of the case to assess whether police followed proper procedure and the man’s rights were observed — both on the day in question, and during subsequent court proceedings. 


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