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New York man faces drug crime charges

| Oct 5, 2018 | Drug Charges |

A man in Avoca was arrested by state troopers after allegedly trying to hide drugs during a traffic stop. The New York State Police in Avoca apparently stopped the Rochester man on Sept. 26, leading to the drug crime accusations. He was arraigned in a village court and now awaits trial in a county lockup against $25,000 bail or a $50,000 property bond.

The details of the traffic stop are unclear from the report, including why officers pulled him over in the first place. It appears a search of the vehicle ensued, leading the man to allegedly try to hide a quantity of what police believe was crack cocaine. Further, they came to the belief he was intending to sell the alleged drugs, though the reasons for this were not clarified either.

The man was arrested and charged with 3rd degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, which is categorized by the state as a class-B felony. He was also charged with tampering with physical evidence for allegedly trying to hide the drugs, which is a class-E felony. If he is found guilty, he could face years in prison.

However, the burden of proof will lie with New York state prosecutors to prove in criminal court beyond a reasonable doubt that the man was indeed carrying drugs, and that he did intend to sell them. The man’s defense team will review the arrest record to assess whether the stop and search were lawfully initiated and conducted. If police acted in a manner contrary to the accused man’s legal rights, the drug crime charges against him could be reduced or even dropped altogether.


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