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Men in New York faces drug crime charges

| Oct 31, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Three men have been arrested following an investigation into alleged drug-related activity. The men in Port Jefferson have been arrested on New York drug crime charges after it was alleged they used a barbershop on Long Island to sell potentially thousands of dollars in illicit narcotics. Due to the serious accusation, each man is likely considering criminal defense options as the cases head to court. 

According to the report, the indictment contains some 53 counts of drug-related criminal activity, and was unsealed on Oct. 24. Three men, a 41-year-old, a 64-year-old and a 33-year-old, were all named in the indictments. They allegedly maintained a drug sale operation out of a barbershop in Port Jefferson Station. It is claimed that they were actively selling drugs to customers during normal business operation of the barbershop. 

Police say the men sold some $50,000 worth of heroin, fentanyl and cocaine out of the business each month, for an indeterminate amount of time. The District Attorney’s office says that all three men have pleaded not guilty to the charges filed against them during their arraignments. Future court dates in the proceedings were not reported. 

Drug crime charges of this severity could land all three men in jail for years if they are found guilty. However, it will be the responsibility of the New York prosecutors assigned to the case to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the men were indeed engaged in drug sales from the barbershop. Each man will be represented by a dedicated criminal defense attorney, who will work to build a strong and compelling defense against these charges. 


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