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Drug crime charges filed against man in New York

| Sep 13, 2018 | Drug Charges |

A man in Westbrook is facing serious charges following an incident with police recently, according to local news sources. The New York man has been charged with a drug crime after it was suggested he was involved in trafficking narcotics. He is being held in a local jail ahead of a trial appearance, which has yet to be confirmed by authorities. 

According to police, the 32-year-old man was involved in an incident with authorities that suggested he was trafficking cocaine and other drugs. The details of the alleged event were not reported by police, but it has been confirmed that the man was transferred to a local jail in Cumberland County ahead of a potential trial appearance. It does not appear the man has posted bail. 

The man may or may not be represented by a criminal defense attorney at the time of his trial. He absolutely has the right to an attorney during his proceedings, and it is very important for him to seek out that support if he is being accused of such a serious crime. Drug crimes in New York are taken extremely seriously and cannot be understated in this case. 

When drug crime charges are filed against an individual in New York, the potential consequences are overreaching and potentially devastating. Police and others involved in the investigation into this potential issue must necessarily be mitigated by an experienced attorney who has the background to ensure the rights of the client in this case. Seeking out such support is a very important part of the larger process when it comes to drug crime charges. 


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