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NASCAR CEO faces drug crime charges

| Aug 9, 2018 | Drug Charges |

The head of a popular sports organization is facing serious charges after a routine traffic stop, according to local sources. NASCAR CEO Brian France is facing drug crime and DUI charges after being stopped by New York police on Aug. 5. If he is found guilty, he could face jail time, fines, and possibly the loss of his position in the NASCAR hierarchy.

Police say France was observed driving through a marked stop sign, whereupon he was pulled over by officers on the scene. Those officers determined that he was intoxicated, though they did not provide details explaining why they held this belief. They conducted a search of his person which revealed several pills believed to be oxycodone. A subsequent blood test allegedly revealed France had a blood alcohol level of nearly .16, double the legal maximum of .08.

He was arrested and processed, though bail conditions were not reported. No trial date has yet been announced, and the report did not state whether Mr. France had retained criminal defense representation at this time. NASCAR has released a statement indicating it is also internally investigating this incident.

The drug crime and DUI charges against France are no laughing matter in the state of New York. However, he is fully guaranteed the presumption of innocence throughout the course of his criminal proceedings, and the burden of proving his alleged intoxication and drug possession will fall to the prosecution. His criminal defense team will work to build a compelling case in his defense after reviewing the facts of the case.


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