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Drug trafficking investigation leads to 16 arrests

| Aug 22, 2018 | Drug Charges |

When the drug trade is normally prolific in a New York resort area, business typically picks up during summer months when visitors and tourists come. Out for a good time, vacationers may seek entertainment and thrills beyond beaches and fishing. Residents of these areas become frustrated with the upturn in trafficking and the crime that typically follows it. Recently, a popular destination became the scene of police action that broke up an alleged drug ring.

Montauk residents have long complained about the increase in drug dealing during the summer when seasonal workers and tourists descend on their corner of the world. Police took action this summer and launched an investigation focusing on numerous eating establishments. The operation culminated with the arrests of 16 temporary employees working at various restaurants and pubs in the area.

The accused now face charges of selling cocaine and oxycodone from the establishments that hired them. Charging more than three times the going rate for the drugs, the employees are believed to be part of a wide ring taking advantage of the increased tourist population throughout New York to inflate their prices. Police claim to have confiscated over $117,000 in addition to the drugs.

Facing drug charges means an uncertain future. The complication of trafficking and conspiracy charges increases the potential for a long prison sentence and other penalties if convicted. A drug conviction may also interfere with other areas of a person’s life, such as employment and housing. With so much at stake, those charged with drug crimes would do well to obtain experienced legal counsel to build a strong criminal defense.


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