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3 charged with grand larceny at Victoria’s Secret

| Aug 26, 2018 | Theft & Property Crimes |

Shoplifting and theft are common, and retail stores often include a margin of loss to account for thievery. However, business owners also work to discourage theft by prosecuting anyone who is caught stealing from their stores. For example, three women stand accused of grand larceny after police say they took merchandise from a lingerie store.

Employees at Victoria’s Secret at a New York mall reported the theft of over $2,000 worth of merchandise on a recent Sunday. Police located a vehicle that matched the description provided by the employees. According to reports, while performing a traffic stop, officers discovered the missing merchandise in addition to items allegedly taken from other retail establishments. Officers arrested the women although one is said to have provided a false name and statement when police questioned her.

The women in their mid to late-30s face charges of fourth degree grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. Because they allegedly worked together to plan and carry out the theft, they also face conspiracy charges, which can result in time added to a jail sentence or higher fines if the three are convicted. The women also reportedly carried a purse that was especially altered for shoplifting, which is considered a burglary tool and is illegal to possess in New York.

A conviction for any one of these charges can mean a lifetime of struggle. In addition to jail and fines, someone with grand larceny and conspiracy convictions faces challenges finding work, obtaining housing and accessing certain federal benefits. Keeping such a conviction off one’s record is imperative, and a skilled attorney can build a strong case to work for that goal.


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