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New York record mogul Russell Simmons accused of rape again

| Jul 15, 2018 | Sex Crimes |

Another woman has come forward accusing record producer Russell Simmons of sexual assault. She adds her name to a roster of about a dozen other women who have accused Simmons of rape over the last year. The woman alleges that in 1990 Simmons invited her up to his new New York City apartment after having been on a date. It was there, she said, that Simmons allegedly pushed her up against a wall and assaulted her even after having told him no several times.

The woman said she didn’t tell anyone because she and Simmons shared the same friends. Meanwhile, Simmons has denied all allegations against him. He said that he and the woman attended functions together after the alleged incident in 1990. But the woman said to call their time spent together dates is preposterous. 

The 60-year-old Simmons removed himself as the head of his companies in November after a female screenwriter accused him of sexually violating her at her apartment in 1991. Three women came forward after that allegation saying that they, too, had been raped by Simmons at his Manhattan apartment. Other accusations ensued.

A charge of rape comes with potential life-altering consequences. New York residents accused of rape may face social stigma and immeasurable stress. A criminal defense attorney may be able to minimize the stress and will ensure his or her client won’t have to fight the charge alone. After thoroughly investigating the case, an attorney may be able to looking into the possibility of a plea bargain that won’t involve a plea to a crime that must be registered.


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