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All drug charges deserve a personalized, powerful defense

| Jul 20, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Despite changing attitudes towards many drugs throughout the country, drug crimes remain some of the most heavily penalized nonviolent offenses in any part of the legal system. It is even common for those who have no prior criminal record to face years behind bars for victimless crimes that involve certain controlled substances.

While the debate over drug use continues, and likely will for many years, the very real consequences of drug charges continue to destroy lives and tear apart families. At no point in our history as a country has it been more important to build a strong legal defense to any drug charges, even if a suspect think that he or she is actually guilty. Apart from guilt or innocence of a particular act, the severity of sentencing that drug charges receive means it is always crucial to fight charges, no matter how they arose.

Understand the evidence against you

Before you can build an effective defense against drug charges, it is best to understand as much as you can about the evidence against you. Now is not the time to bury your head in the sand and hope that this whole thing blows over. Instead, you must begin building a legal strategy for defense as soon as possible.

If an officer arrested you because of something that happened during an interaction, such as a traffic stop or a stop on the street, you should carefully look back over the entire interaction to identify any ways that the officer potentially violated your rights. If an officer violated your rights while gathering evidence of a crime he or she suspects you committed, a court may throw the evidence out, or possibly throw out the charges altogether.

Likewise, it is wise to scrutinize the physical evidence against you, if you can. You may do this effectively by requesting lab testing of the evidence. When you request lab testing, not only do you create opportunities to challenge your prosecution’s version of the evidence, you also force the prosecution to produce the evidence physically. If, for some reason, the prosecution cannot produce the evidence for testing, then a court will not accept it and may dismiss the charges.

Build your defense quickly

When it comes to building legal defenses, time is only on your side if you act quickly. The sooner you take action, the more time you have to build your strategy and identify strategies that the prosecution plans to use. Considering that the defense you build may mean the difference between remaining a free person or spending months or years in jail, it is certainly wise to make your defense a top priority.

You can use the full strength of the law by building a swift, effective defense that focuses on the personal details of your charges and keeps your rights and privileges secure.


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