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Reports of rape in New York City increase; is #MeToo the reason?

| Jun 12, 2018 | Sex Crimes |

Women are becoming more vocal when it comes to reporting alleged sex crimes. In fact, between May 2017 and May 2018, the number of rape allegations reported to the New York Police department almost doubled. Some are speculating those numbers have to do with the #MeToo movement.

The majority of those alleged rapes stemmed from incidents in which the accuser knew the supposed attacker. However, the New York Police Commissioner believes the increase is due to “The Call is Yours” campaign the NYPD started this past April, encouraging sexual assault victims to report abuses even if the allegations aren’t new. The NYPD has a Special Victims Division (SVD) 24-hour hotline for those who wish to report an incident.

A report by the city’s Department of Investigation showed the SVD  has been understaffed and under-resourced for about nine years. The report also indicated that high-profile and stranger rape cases were given priority over incidents where the person knew the alleged attacker. The report also said that precinct-level detectives overseeing these cases weren’t trained in sex crime investigations.

That fact may warrant going over the evidence with a fine-tooth comb. Anyone in New York facing a rape charge may achieve a better outcome by enlisting the help of an attorney to review the evidence and represent their interests. The lawyer can bring bring any evidence of law enforcement improprieties to the attention of the court. Having the guidance of an experienced legal team may help an accused client to mount the most aggressive defense possible when fighting such a serious charge.


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