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Drug crime charges filed against Dayton residents

| Jun 25, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Two residents in the village of Dayton have come under fire after being accused of taking part in illicit drug sales, according to the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force. New York State Police have worked in conjunction with the task force to file drug crime charges against a man and a woman. Several other arrests are apparently pending as further search warrants are being approved as part of the ongoing investigation. 

Authorities have confirmed that a 41-year-old woman and a 38-year-old man, both of Dayton, have been placed under arrest after agents entered their home in a sting operation. According to the report, agents on the scene found multiple alleged drugs, including bags of what are believed to be methamphetamine, as well as three ounces of assumed marijuana and an undisclosed number of pills believed to be Alprazolam. All of these drugs were allegedly packed for sale. 

Both individuals were arrested and arraigned in Dayton town court. They are both currently awaiting trial at a county jail against a bail of $1,000 each. They each face charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, as well as criminal use of drug paraphernalia. 

Drug crime charges pertaining to sale and/or trafficking can come with a high price in New York. If convicted, both individuals could face jail time for their alleged crimes. However, prosecutors will have to provide compelling evidence linking both people to the crimes they are accused of. This includes ensuring that all proper steps were taken throughout the investigation and arrests to ensure both individuals’ rights were respected. 


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