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3 New York men charged with robbery, kidnapping

| Jun 18, 2018 | Theft & Property Crimes |

Three men have to answer for their alleged part in what is being called a $2 million crime. The New York residents are facing charges of robbery and kidnapping in connection with cryptocurrency. The accused are all said to be members of a Bronx biker gang and are accused of kidnapping a friend and allegedly stealing nearly $2 million in cryptocurrency from him.

The men — ages 36, 37 and 38 — apparently joined another 35-year-old man (who is already in custody) this past November to get a millionaire friend of the 35-year-old into a van to kidnap him. Police said the guy was driven around at gunpoint for a couple hours until he gave up a password to his digital wallet. The suspects apparently bilked the guy out of almost $2 million in cryptocurrency — most of which has been recovered.

The three accused pleaded not guilty. Each of them was held on bail of at least $50,000. There have been increased criminal incidents regarding digital dollars, according to police. 

New York residents who find themselves charged with serious crimes like robbery may benefit from the help of a seasoned defense attorney. Those accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty and have the right to speak with a lawyer who may be able to help them to aggressively defend themselves. When police make arrests, they must do so adhering to the letter of the law. An attorney will focus on protecting the legal rights of an accused client while fighting for the best result attainable. In the meantime, the burden of proof remains with prosecutors to establish each element of the crimes charged by competent and relevant evidence.


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