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Queens man accused of rape, breaking woman’s neck

| May 14, 2018 | Sex Crimes |

A 21-year-old man with no fixed address had some time in front of a judge recently. The man was charged with the rape of a woman from Queens who had just dropped her child off at school. It is alleged that the accused also allegedly broke the woman’s neck in the incident. Prosecutors said the woman was attacked so viciously she was barely recognizable. 

The man is said to have accosted the married woman and allegedly forcibly took her to the stairwell of a nearby apartment complex prior to allegedly raping and beating her. He was charged with first-degree assault to which he pleaded not guilty. Authorities said the man told them he did push the woman down a flight of stairs. 

Cops say the accused also allegedly told them that he punched the woman in the face a few times but that he didn’t rape her. When he gets angry, he apparently told police, he sometimes has blackouts and can’t remember incidents. He told the officers he doesn’t know how the woman’s pants and underwear were taken off.

The woman, who required surgery for an eye injury she suffered in the alleged beating, is currently in rehab dealing with her injuries. The accused was kept in custody and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. A lawyer practicing in Queens may be in the position to help those in New York who are charged with serious crimes such as rape. There may be extenuating circumstances in these types of cases and an attorney may be able to unearth those issues — like mental health — when preparing for his or her client’s defense.

Source: NBC New York, “Man Accused of Viciously Raping Queens Mom, Breaking Her Neck Faces Judge“, Rana Novini, May 10, 2018


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