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Major bust takes down drug crime ring in New York

| May 28, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Police say a sting operation took down a number of gang members who were allegedly dealing in narcotics and involved in gun crime. The New York Police Department dubbed the almost two-year investigation Operation Gang Green, which culminated in 15 arrests in connection with drug crime and weapons in the city. Cops seized a number of cars that were allegedly used to transport drugs and weapons, as well as $80,000 in cash during they described as the shakeup of a local gang operation in which 11 of the 15 arrested were members of a Dominican street gang. 

The investigation saw four separate entities working together — the NYPD, Customs and Border Protection, the Queen’s District Attorney and Homeland Security Investigations. Police officers officers posed as undercover drug buyers and also used wiretaps in their efforts to make arrests. Homeland Security became involved when counterfeit documents were allegedly being produced. 

A police spokesperson said cops have had their eyes on offenders who drive violence in New York City. In this instance, he added, the focus was on the Trinitarios gang operating out of Jackson Heights and Corona. He said the takedown was a prime example of precision policing.

Those in Queens who have been charged with a drug crime will have to aggressively fight the serious charges. Drug laws in New York are intricate and defendants typically benefit by acting alongside experienced defense counsel. A savvy attorney can assess the formal accusations and examine the prosecution evidence with a view toward preparing a defense designed to protect the legal rights of the accused at every step of the process.

Source:, “Queens gang sting leads to 15 gun and drug arrests“, Laura Dimon, May 24, 2018


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