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Pain pill crimes: A serious problem in New York

| Apr 25, 2018 | Blog |

Pain medications and other intoxicating pharmaceutical drugs are easy to come by in New York. Most people get them through a prescription from their doctors, but they could also acquire them from a friend or a drug dealer.

Regardless of whether you received prescription drugs legally or illegally, because they are government-controlled substances, you could find yourself getting in trouble with the law because of them.

Pain medication addiction has created community drug problems

Many people have heavy-duty pain medications sitting in the medicine cabinets in their homes. Perhaps they are left over from a prescription after a surgery, or maybe someone is taking them to treat chronic back pain. Others have acquired these drugs illegally and they’re taking them recreationally or self-medicating to deal with some kind of emotional difficulty.

The fact of the matter is, pain medication abuse and the unlawful or addictive use of pain medication is a rampant problem throughout the United States. Police can arrest and charge someone with a crime if he or she is in possession of certain pain medications without a valid prescription.

There are also many crimes committed by doctors who are running “pill mills” to sell addictive drugs like Oxycontin to people who have fallen into addictions. Some such doctors have been sentenced to jail for decades after being convicted of their crimes.

Distribution and possession crimes: A widespread phenomenon

Crimes related to distribution and possession are the most common allegations relating to prescription drugs:

Possession crimes: Imagine your friend gave you a bottle of Oxycontin. If police pull you over and find the Oxycontin bottle in your car, or find you in possession of several pills in your pocket or in your vehicle, you could find yourself being charged with a crime. The pills are unlawful to possess without a doctor’s prescription no matter who happened to give them to you.

Distribution crimes: A doctor who is filling out false pain pill prescriptions to patients who don’t actually need them could find him- or herself facing charges. Similarly, someone selling prescription drugs to friends could face criminal allegations associated with the behavior.

Were you accused of a prescription drug related crime?

Regardless of the circumstances, any prescription drug crime is a serious charge that could lead to stiff criminal consequences in the event of a conviction. Those facing these kinds of charges may therefore want to organize a carefully and strategic approach to their criminal defenses.


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