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Former United Nations worker convicted of robbery

| Apr 9, 2018 | Theft & Property Crimes |

A former worker at the United Nations will be spending time behind bars. The man has been sentenced two years after a plea agreement with the court, but will likely be released in six months. The 53-year-old resident pleaded guilty to one count of robbery in the third degree, one count of attempted robbery in the second degree and two counts of grand larceny — all offenses considered to be nonviolent. The prosecutor was asking for a five-year sentence.

The man was originally facing a charge of  robbery in the first degree, with a 15-year jail sentence, but the prosecutor couldn’t make that charge stick with the grand jury. The man was arrested in April of last year in connection with a number of New York robberies. He received a sentence of two years for the attempted robbery and a year for the third degree robbery and a year for grand larceny running concurrently with the two years. 

The court initially offered the man a one-year sentence. However, the court reneged on its offer because of a letter produced by the prosecutor. The man would have preferred either probation or a one-year sentence, but considering what could have transpired, he and his defense team are pleased with the outcome.

A New York attorney can fight aggressively on behalf of a client who has been charged with robbery. A lawyer may be able to work to get the charges reduced, if not have them dropped completely. Enlisting the help of experienced legal counsel is typically a crucial step in effectively addressing formal criminal charges.

Source:, “Ex-UN staff jailed two years for robbery“, April 6, 2018


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