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Ex Department of Correction employee guilty of child pornography

| Mar 13, 2018 | Sex Crimes |

A 64-year-old investigator with the Department of Correction is facing time behind bars. The New York resident was recently found guilty of receiving, possessing and transporting child pornography. His minimum prison stay will be five years. Jurors convicted him after he was found to have been in possession of videos of preteen children being sexually abused. The jury didn’t buy his explanation that he was downloading the porn so he could better understand minor victims.

Some of the victims in the suspect videos were toddlers, according to court documents. Police found the tapes during a search of the man’s home in 2015. It was then that the man apparently told cops he wasn’t allowed to download pornography on the job.

It may be in the best interest of those facing child pornography charges to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. This is especially prudent if the authorities allege they have online proof of pornography involving minors. If found guilty of this serious felony charge, a person’s life would change forever, so it is important to seek knowledgeable legal counsel.

A New York attorney would review all evidence against a client to assess whether he or she has been the victim of distribution of child pornography. Images have been known to make their way onto a computer or cellphone without the owner knowing. Or someone else may have used these devices to download child porn without the owner’s knowledge. An attorney may be able to garner the expertise of someone with the technological know-how to prove such instances.

Source:, “Correction Department investigator guilty on kiddie porn charges“, Andrew Keshner, March 5, 2018


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