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Possible robbery leads to stabbing death of Brooklyn couple

| Feb 19, 2018 | Theft & Property Crimes |

Police are looking for a suspect in connection with a recent Brooklyn double murder. New York police believe the murders are connected to the possible robbery of the dead couple’s home. The two had been walking home from work when they were stabbed outside their residence. Witnesses told cops they spotted a man wearing a ski mask fleeing the property. 

Police responded to a 911 call for a robbery at the residence. The deceased woman apparently stopped the intruder from getting to the second floor of the home before she and her husband were both stabbed. The woman died at the scene, while the man was taken to hospital with wounds to his head and neck. He later died.

The couple’s daughter and her family live in the top floor of the home. She heard a commotion and found both her parents injured. She placed a blanket over her daughter before running to a neighbor’s home for help. The neighbor called the deceased pair a good and hardworking couple. They owned a religious gift store not far from their home. 

When police apprehend the suspect, he or she will likely be facing robbery and murder charges. That individual may want to get the help of New York legal counsel on how to defend against the formal charges. A conviction, if obtained, on  such serious felony charges will come with serious criminal penalties that can change the defendant’s life. An attorney will fight aggressively to achieve the best possible outcome in court. 

Source:, “Couple Stabbed to Death in Possible Robbery Outside Brooklyn Home, Police Say“, Matthew Haag and Nate Schweber, Feb. 7, 2018


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