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New York physician facing rape charges

| Feb 27, 2018 | Sex Crimes |

A doctor who was once convicted of sexually assaulting patients is in hot water once again — this time regarding allegations of rape. The rape charges stem from apparent incidents regarding the New York physician and six patients beginning in 2013. The doctor has pleaded not guilty to all charges. 

The patients who pressed charges all suffer from debilitating and rare illnesses that cause them great pain. The doctor was supposed to be treating them for the pain. Instead, they say, he forced himself on them with nonconsensual intercourse coupled with touching and kissing. Patients told police they had no choice but to continue to see the doctor since he was the only one in the area capable of treating their rare illnesses. Several more women from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have since come forth making similar accusations against the doctor. 

Last year, the former neurologist admitted to sexually abusing seven patients. He was given seven years of probation on a plea deal, his medical license yanked and has not practiced since 2014. A spokesperson for the medical facility at which the physician was most recently working said the hospital is deeply disturbed by the allegations against the accused and is working with police during their investigation. The doctor was released from custody after posting a $1 million bond.

New York residents accused of sex crimes, including rape, would do well enlisting the help of legal counsel. An attorney’s guidance might be invaluable in battling such a serious charge. After poring over all the evidence, a lawyer may be able to mount an aggressive defense that may lessen any sentence imposed or have the charges dismissed altogether.

Source: CBS New York, “Doctor Previously Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting Patients Charged With Rape“, Accessed on Feb. 21, 2018


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