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Suspects allegedly zip tie Bronx robbery victims

| Jan 30, 2018 | Theft & Property Crimes |

Cops are asking the public to help them identify three suspects in the recent violent robbery of a Bronx apartment. Apparently, all eight people inside the apartment were zip-tied. One male victim suffered facial injuries after allegedly being pistol whipped by one of the suspects during the New York robbery. The trio purportedly made their getaway in a luxury sedan after having stolen $5,500. The victim was taken to hospital where he was treated for his injuries and released. 

Authorities say the two male suspects and one female suspect entered the apartment after one of the occupants — a man in his early 60s — answered the door. They supposedly showed the man their weapons and forced their way in. Despite all occupants apparently being zip-tied, no other injuries were reported to police. 

When apprehended, the suspects will likely be charged with robbery along with possible other crimes. Each of these three suspects would do well to seek legal counsel to battle the criminal charges that will be filed against them. Using a weapon to forcibly take cash or other items of value from others is a most serious accusation and will require an aggressive defense.

In New York state, robbery is defined as stealing property using force. It is a serious felony offense. A guilty verdict comes with serious criminal penalties that can likely change a defendant’s life. Obtaining legal counsel may give those charged the chance to have any sentences lessened or even have the charged dropped altogether. An attorney could help his or her client fight for the best possible result in court.

Source:, “Victims zip tied in violent Bronx apartment robbery“, Kristine Garcia, Jan. 26, 2018


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