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Drug crime: Alleged drug dealer uses victim’s phone to make deal

| Dec 11, 2017 | Drug Charges |

A drug dealer allegedly sold heroin laced with fentanyl to a woman who overdosed on the drug. The same man was apparently caught trying to set up another drug deal with the deceased woman’s cell phone. The alleged pusher, who hails from Brooklyn, was part of a massive New York drug bust in a police sting operation last year in an effort to thwart drug crime.

The man is accused of having sold five packs of heroin, labeled American Dream, to the 33-year-old female who died on a G train from taking the drug. Apparently, the accused didn’t realize the woman, who was from a neighboring state, had died since police called him using her cell phone, posing as her to try to buy more drugs nearly a year after she had died. Two cops showed up at the accused man’s door instead and allegedly found him in possession of several bags of heroin.

The accused entered a plea of not guilty to charges of conspiracy and the criminal sale of a controlled substance. He is among 17 others charged with criminal drug-related offences in connection with the American Dream heroin. Two people facing the same charges are still at large.

Individuals accused of drug crime would benefit from the experience of a New York attorney with criminal law experience. Those charged have the right to an aggressive defense. A lawyer will investigate to determine whether his or her client was taken into custody in keeping with the laws of the state and will speak to any violations of the law in court on behalf of the client.

Source:, “Drug dealer who sold lethal dose to mom busted setting up deal with her phone: cops“, Priscilla Degregory View, Dec. 7, 2017


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